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3th Yama: Asteya (Do Not Steal)

I think it's safe to say that pretty much everyone is taught not to steal from childhood. You don't just take someone else's belongings without asking first. But stealing goes much further than just physical stuff. And that's something that many people tend not to think about.

The 3rd yama is asteya, or no stealing. This includes stealing physical property as well as intangible things such as words and even thoughts. You can read more about that in this post. But first, if you haven't read the blogpost about the yama's and the niyama's, I recommend that you do that first!

STEALING | a definition

I want to start today's post by looking at the definition of the word stealing. The van Dale defines stealing as: "taking something that belongs to another to keep it for oneself". Although you probably immediately think of objects, the van Dale does not specify whether it is a physical object or intangible property.

GREED | my precious...

A word about greed. Greed is actually the attitude it starts with. Without greed, you would not steal. So in a way, the core of asteya is counteracting greed and taking control of your desires. The best tip I can give you here is to become aware of your greed. What is happening? What do you feel?


As I wrote before, the most obvious stealable things are physical items. Appropriating something from another, taking something that is not given. This is literally taking something that belongs to someone else, but you can also think of it as taking something you don't really need.

Oh! And also consider illegally downloading films, series, music or books. Yes, that too is a form of stealing. You take more than what you give. So you don't pay a fair price.

THE EARTH | conscious consumerism

Don't take too much of the earth. If you are a little familiar with my blog, then you know how important this is to me. This is about over consumption. All the extra that you bring into your life is not only taken away from someone else, but also from the earth. That's why conscious consumerism is so important. Be aware of the cost of everything you use or bring into your life. Not only the monetary value of something but also the cost to the earth. I don't say not to buy, just to think before you buy...


You can steal words too. An example of this is using someone else's words or text, without stating where you got it from. Note your sources guys! School doesn't teach you for nothing...

DOING SOMEONE SHORT | what's it worth?

Don't deprive others, don't take opportunities away. This includes stealing ideas. Don't just use someone else's idea without permission. Also, don't use someone else's idea behind his or her back. This also includes taking credit that actually belongs to someone else.

When you provide services, do you ask for a fair price? Are you not asking too little (stealing from yourself)? Or too much (stealing from someone else)?


Here's something else to think about: stealing from yourself. For example, consider giving away your time. Giving others your time is of course a good thing, but also take yourself into account. Don't give away all your time and energy to others when you really need it yourself. You can absolutely say "no" sometimes! This also includes putting too much time or energy into things that you don't actually feel are important. So think seriously about your priorities.

And of course take good care of yourself. Do not eat too little, that is also a form of stealing from yourself. (Don't eat too much either, that would be stealing from someone else or the earth.) Give yourself the rest you need and also give yourself the stimulation you need. This yama is all about seeking balance.

That was it for today. For now, good luck with the next steps on your bridge and I wish you all the happiness and an amazing rest of your day.

❤ Eva



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