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Meditation is a mental and / or spiritual practice. There are many schools of thought within meditation and many more types of meditations. The most famous forms are samatha (concentration meditation) and the vipassana (insight meditation).


In samatha (concentration meditation) the focus is on a specific object or subject, called anchor. This can be a person, an object, sound, feeling, action or the breath. This form of meditation generally aims to calm the mind. It is an exercise in staying with your anchor with attention and returning to it without judgment as soon as you stray. Samatha is often practiced prior to vipassana. This is also a form of meditation that you see a lot in the lessons of Bridge of Life studio.


Vipassana (insight meditation) is all about self-observation. Your anchors here are the processes that unfold within you. The goal is to go deeply into the mind and purify yourself from dukkha (all forms of suffering) by taking the role of observer. Ultimately, a deep and pure understanding of yourself and the nature of existence is sought after. Vipassana is a beautiful form of meditation, but can be experienced as difficult for beginning meditation students.


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