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Zero Waste Skincare

It's been over two years since I posted an update on what my skincare looks like. And since I always like to know what people use, I thought it was about time to write a new post on the topic. If you'd like to read my old post and compare my routine, you can do so here.

Although my skincare mostly looks the same, a few things have changed. Especially the specific products that I now use. The guideline though, is still products that work well for my sensitive skin with as little (plastic) packaging as possible.


If you only learn one thing from this post, let it be to cleanse. You can do all kinds of things to take good care of the skin, but the first step, cleansing, is also one of the most important. Your cleansing ensures that you can keep your skin as free of impurities as possible, and all the dirt that has collected on your skin throughout the day can be removed.

MORNING CLEANSE | Fresh faced start

Every skin is different and every skin will do well with a different cleansing. My skin is sensitive and generally quite dry. This is why I choose to only use my cleanser in the evening. In the morning I only use a facial cloth that I wet with some water. I use it to wipe my face, neck and chest. A great start of the day!

EVENING CLEANSE | ready for bed

I do use a cleanser at the end of the day. When I wrote the previous post, I used FaceTheory's vitamin C cleanser. I used it for quite a while but at some point it started to irritate my skin. So I had to look for something else again.

I have been using the Junglück gel cleanser for about three quarters of a year now, with great pleasure. It does not irritate my skin, and even seems to calm my skin. Furthermore, my face feels comfortable, but clean after use. In short, perfect. And as a naturopathic aromatherapist, I must say that I am also a fan of the ingredients they use. It contains chamomile extract, which is soothing and nourishing for the skin, but also great to use before going to sleep. It also comes in a beautiful amber glass bottle. The pump is made of plastic but it is a nice low waste packaging anyway.

FOREO LUNA GO | effective massage

I also use my little Foreo Luna Go every now and then, you can read about that in my previous post about my skin care. I don't use it every day anymore and there are periods when I haven't used it at all. But it is and remains just a nice little device. I've also found that I need less of my cleanser when I do use it with my foreo, so that's an added bonus.


After cleansing comes the serum. I have been using FaceTheory's vitamin C serum for a long time. Unfortunately, at some point they adjusted the formula after which the serum just didn't feel good on my face anymore.

THE MORNING | healthy glow

After some searching I have now come to use a vitamin C serum from the Ordinary. 20% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate in Vitamin F. This serum feels nice and I feel like it does something too.

I like to use my vitamin C serum in the morning. It gives a nice glow to the skin but is also very effective as an antioxidant, which helps your sunscreen. Furthermore, vitamin C works very well for me to get rid of the discoloration that pimples leave behind. It still takes a few months for the spot to really go away, but it was a few years before I used a vitamin C serum. So that's something I'm really happy about.

THE EVENING | smoothing superstar

In the evening I use another serum from the Ordinary, the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum. For me this serum mostly helps with the texture of my skin. While I've never really had any issues in that regard, I've noticed a definite improvement in my skin since using it. For me, that's reason enough to keep using it for now.


I still make my own creams. Where I used to use it in the morning and evening, I now use it mainly in the evening. Especially since it doesn't necessarily feel very useful to wear a cream under my sunscreen. That said, if my skin is very dry, I also use the cream in the morning before applying my SPF. The cream I use for my face is also the cream I use for the rest of my body. I just love a good multitasker.


Another product that I make myself. Well, you're a naturopathic aromatherapist for something, right? Although I've been using my oil instead of my cream for a long time, I don't use it every day anymore. If my skin is extra dry, I sometimes mix it with my cream, but I'm currently more in the cream phase.


I don't use sunscreen in the evening, but I do use it every morning. Rain or shine. It is important to protect the skin from the effects of the sun and sunscreen is by far the easiest way to do that.

I am currently using the Junglück sunscreen. I've written an entire blog post about sunscreen for the face, why it's important and what to look for, so if you want to know more about that, you can read it here.

That was it for today. What are you favorite skincare products? And do you like to make your own or do you prefer going with the bought versions that are formulated by professionals? Do let me know! For now, good luck with the next steps on your bridge and I wish you all the happiness and an amazing rest of your day.

❤ Eva


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