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Zero Waste Skincare

Skincare, it's one of those super personal things, everyone wants something else and what works for me doesn't necessarily work for you too. Since I was a teenager I have had to deal with very dry skin. Mostly in the winter months it tends to pop up. That's why a nice cream has always been the most important thing in my skincare routine.

One of the first things I slowly started to replace were items in my personal care. And of course skincare is part of it. I for sure am not perfect and dare to say it's more low waste than zero waste but I wanted to share with you where I am on my zero waste journey when it comes to skincare anyway.


The first step (and if I am to believe my teacher from aromatherapy school also the most important) in my skincare is cleansing your face. I have tried quite a couple of things here. From the oil cleansing method to a bar of mild soap. Everything has it's pros and cons. Right now though I am using a gentle cream cleanser by FaceTheory. (Get 20% off via this link.) I personally use the vitamine C cleanser but you can do a test on their website to see what will most likely fit your skin best.

I tend to cleanse my face in the morning and evening. In the morning I just use my hands with the cleanser and in the evening I use my Luna with the cleanser. Though there are periods where I just use water to rinse my face in the morning.

Though I absolutely am a fan of the vitamine C cleanser I would still love to try a cleanser in the form of a bar of soap, just one that was actually made to use on your face. With a normal bar of soap I noticed my skin would feel tight and dry, I would like to see if using a facial soap does the same or if it works better. The advantage is that often they will last quite a while and you can get them in just a paper or cardboard packaging. The cleanser I use right now comes in a glass jar with an aluminum lid which is great though it looks like the label is made of some sort of plastic, which is a shame.


For my birthday last april I got a Foreo Luna Go. I have the version made for sensitive skin. Before that I used my sisters Foreo somewhat frequently (I think she has the Foreo Luna 2 for normal skin) and though it was a bit aggressive for my already pretty sensitive skin, I did really enjoy using it. I personally like to Go because it's so nice and compact, about the size of a cotton pad, which means it fits nicely in my hand. Using a device like this isn't very zero waste and also not necessary but for me it's a very welcome luxury moment. Like you just read I just use my Luna in the evenings.


About once a week I will use a scrub. Even though the glycolic face scrub by FaceTheory that I use is more of a combination between a peeling and a scrub. On their website it says you can use it every day but for me that's too much. Once a week is nice for my skin and if I feel like I need somting extra I might use it a second time.


I tend to use my serum in the evenings. Do i really need it? No, I'd be okay using just a cleanser and a cream or oil. But do I like to use it? For sure. Right now I use the regenacalm serum by, yes, FaceTheory. Do you see the trend yet? I have only been using this one for about a week but so far so good. Before this one I used the vitamine C serum, which I also enjoyed.


And then there is the cream. I have been making my own creams for years. Inbetween I have tried several bought ones but I always come back to my own homemade creams. The big advatage of makign your own is that you know exactly what you put in there and you can tailor your products to what you need by using hydrolats and plant oils. I use my cream twice a day. In the morning and the evening.


And then there still is the oil. This one I also make myself. This too is one of those products that you can really tailor to what you need. I use a combination of apricot seed oil and rosehip oil where I add a small amount of essential oil to, about 0,5% over the entire bottle. I don't use the oil every day, mostly when I feel like my skin is dry again. In autumn I tend to mix the oil into my cream in the evenings and in the winter I might use it over my cream or on it's own. I the summer I only use it every now and then. When I use the oil it's pretty much always in the evening because it gets your shine going.

That was it for today. For now, good-luck with the next steps on your bridge and I wish you all the happiness and an amazing rest of your day.

❤ Eva

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