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1st Niyama: Shaucha (purity)

If you haven't read the blogpost about the yama's and the niyama's yet, I would say, take a look at that one before going on to read this post.

The 1st niyama is shaucha or purity. Purity of both body and mind. Being pure in the wordst you speak, the things you take in (food, but also media is part of this) and the things you use and that are in contact with your body.


I tend to try to use natural products wherever I can.

Slowly I am changing out all of the products in my selfcare routine. Like soap, deo, toothpaste, cream and make-up.

Doing this I also try to find products that leave as little waste as possible. Because I believe purity doesn't just include us but also our planet. However "clean" you live, when you leave a whole lot of plastic and other waste, you still polluting the world and with that also your self in the end. (Because yes, at some point it will break down far enough to get into the groundwater and through that into your food.) I admit, it isn't always easy but when you do find something that works for you, it really does feel great.


I have never liked hairdressers, not just because they never seem to be able to listen to what you want and always something seems to go wrong but also because they tend to put so much junk in your hair.

That is why most of the time I have my mom cut my hair but since I really wanted something different this time around, I decided I really should go see an actual hairdresser. So I went looking for an organic hairdresser and found GingerHaar, an organic hairdresser. They only use natural products, for styling, grooming and even colourings. So I went to the organic hairdresser and I don't think I will ever go to a "normal" hairdresser again. I am a fan. To start with, it smells different then it does at most hairdressers, and when I say different, I mean much better. Second, the hairdresser did exactly what I asked her to do and considered my natural hair and how it acts and falls naturally while doing so. And then there is that little thing that is quite important to me, they don't put junk in your hair. The products smell great and it doesn't feel like there is a thon of stuff in it. So in short, they will be seeing me back.


And then there is that thing called food again. With this I mostly tried to prepare my own food using fresh ingredients. And besides that seeing how my body reacts to the foods I eat. Because not everything that seems healthy actually is healthy for everybody. Every body reacts differently to certain foods. For me that means: not eating to much suger and salt aswel as eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Also, eating a little bit of bread is fine but eating to much of it will give me problems.

That was it for today. Goodluck with the next steps on your bridge. I wish you all the happiness and an amazing day.

❤ Eva

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