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DIY Body butter (only 2 ingredients)

I have a pretty dry skin and unfortunately it doesn't stop with my face. Especially my legs don't always look too happy. Even though oil is nice to use there just is something about the texture of a rich bodybutter that, if you ask me, nothing can beat. And the nice thing is that it is super easy to make your own. That is why today I have a super simple recipe to make your own bodybutter.

This bodybutter melts easily when you put it onto your skin and has an amazing soft scent that reminds of almond paste. The scent comes from the apricot seed oil that is in it (which btw you can also eat).

Apricot seed oil is a lovely soft oil. Just think about the skin of an apricot. It is softening and hydrating to the skin.

Mango butter is a rich nourishing butter. It is soothing and helps the skin to retain moisture.


Preferably organic.



  • Before you start make sure that all of the materials you are going to use are disinfected. Because there are no conservatives in it this is will go a long way in the prolonging of it's shelf life.

  • At the mango butter and the oil together and warm the two au-bain-marie until the butter is melted. (Around 40 ºC)

  • Take of the heat and while it cools down use a mixer to whip the mixture up to a light butter. It can help to put the mixture in the fridge or some ice to speed the cooling in between whipping. When you notice you butter is starting to solidify, get thicker and less see through, keep whipping until it forms a nice thick butter.

  • Put your butter in a jar and enjoy!

That was it for today. Do let me know if you made the bodybutter and how you like it! For now, goodluck with the next steps on your bridge and I wish you all the happiness and an amazing rest of your day.

❤ Eva

PS: I linked the items I used. I don't get anything when you buy through the link. Though when you buy something from Aroma-Zone you should be able to add a sponsor at checkout. If you add I will get a small discount on my next order. So you can use that if you'd like to support me.


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