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7 Days Kundalini Meditation: My experience

The Kundalini meditation is one of the Osho meditations I learned during my training. It consists of 4 phases which all last about 15 minutes, so 1 hour in total. During the first phase you are vibrating/shaking your entire body. The idea is to let it happen as naturally as you can, just feel it happen. The first time I did this during class I was for sure letting go of a few emotions. The second phase is dance. Just like the first phase, you try to just let it happen. In the third phase you are either standing or sitting and in the fourth phase you are lying down. Everything except for the fourth phase is on music. (You can find the music on Spotify .)

The kundalini meditation works wonderes if there is anything you want to let go, even when you don't know there is anything to let go of.

Our teacher gave us the challenge to do this meditation daily for a while. So here we go, 7 days I will be doing it once a day.

Day 1

The first phase didn't have as much of an effect on me today as when I did it for the first time but I could feel that I was releasing a thing or two. Very shortly (it wouldn't have been more than a few seconds) I felt a little emotional but besides that it was mostly just a pleasant experience.

The second phase went smoothly. I could easily get out of my head and into my body. It felt like playing and gave me a sence of happiness.

During the third phase I could feel some sort of tingling in my entire body. They were the strogest along my spine, neck and the back of my head. A weitd but not unpleasant sensation. The first time I could feel this aswell but it was't as flowing and felt more like a rope that was being pulled up along my spine, through the crown of me head into the air.

I remember that during class in the fourth phase I was restless aswell but I was super inspired. All these ideas popping up in my head. This time it were mostly to-do lists and things I had forgotten to do that popped up. Towards the end a pretty bad headache came setting up and I couldn't be any happier when I heard the gong to let me know the meditation had ended. That said, except for that last fase it was a great first day.

Day 2

Today was quite a bit less intense than yesterday. I didn't feel anything specific in any of the phases. It was ejoyable enough but it felt like an eternity. It felt at least twice as long, if not longer.

Day 3

The third day went very smoothly. Maybe the fact that before I started the meditation I just got back from an hour long vinyasa yoga class and because of that I already was relaxed and quiet in my head. The entire meditation felt calm and soft, it went easy and I could keep my head empty most of the time, staying in the meditation. So all in all a really nice session.

Day 4

Today was in big contrast with yesterday. I already had a headache when I strated so I don't think that was very helpfull either. I had a hard time getting into the meditation and especially the beginning felt very restless. About halfway through the dance I noticed a turningpoint and got into a flow. The movements just came and I almost felt fluid. The first past of the third phase went well but then I started to get extremely restless again and stayed like that until the end of the meditation. I did get inspired to try and play my didgeridoo again so I might try that in a bit :p

Day 5

I really had to push myself to get on my mat today to do the meditation. I really did not feel like it today. Again the exact same meditation of an hour, bah. However when I finally started it actually felt pretty good. The shaking was a bit more intense today, less subtle than the other days. I guess I had to get rid of something. The dancing was in huge contrast with the shaking, very soft and fluid. I pretty much right away got in some sort of flow and it felt great. The sitting was calm just like the lying down. Untill I was disturbed by my dog who thought it had taken long enough and that she now desperately needed to be cuddled.

Day 6

Starting the shaking was easy but I noticed pretty soon that it wasn't so easy to keep shaking. About halfway through I got the urge to shake my hands which took away some of the tension. The dancing in the second fase got me into a flow right away which wat great. During the third phase I decided to stay on my feet this time but it made me feel like I had to keep moving. So towards the end I sat down, which helped to get rid of the restlessness of feeling I had to move. The fourth phase where you lie down was very calm this time.

Day 7

The last day! And I am so happy it is. It is a really nice meditation but do it 7 days straight and you will get sich of it pretty soon (I did at least). The shaking felt tedious, hard start and hard to keep on doing it. I felt restless and just wanted to get on to the next phase. During the second phase I got into a flow pretty much right away and it just felt really good. The sit was copletely calm and enjoyable this time. My dog came to lie down next to me quite soon and started to lick my hand. A bit later on the put her paw in my hand, which melted my heart. After a while she took away her paw to continue her licking short after which she put her head in my hand for a few seconds. After that the sit was calm anjoyable again. The lying down was a little restless this time though not quite as bad as most of the other days.

Do I recommend it?

That is the big question. I for sure would recommend to try this meditation some time. It is interesting to do it for a few days straight too. It's fun to see how it developes. That said, when you are not used to meditating daily it's going to be a very intense way to start doing so and chances are you will quit pretty soon. So in that case maybe start with something a little bit easier that for example doesn't take a full hour.

That was it for today. Goodluck with the next steps on your bridge. I wish you all the happiness and an amazing day.

❤ Eva

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