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Bridge of Life studio collaborates with several others. For example to offer you free classes. Here you can read more about everyone Bridge of Life studio collaborates with.

Do you want to collaborate with Bridge of Life studio? Send an email to

Rotsoord, Nieuw Rotsoord, lavendel, Bridge of Life studio, Utrecht

Nieuw Rotsoord

Nieuw Rotsoord is more than just a pettingfarm. It is a green oasis in the neighborhood Hoograven-Tolsteeg, focused on being a meeting point, recreation and nature- and environmentaleducation for all residents in surrounding neighborhoods.

Reiki tempel

At Reiki Tempel you are at the right place for energatical treatments. A good way to gain awareness of you body and emotions and find your balance. For physical complaints you can also come to Reike Tempel in Nieuwegein and Utrecht. Do you need a full hour of intensive selfcare?

Reiki Tempel, Bridge of Life studio, Utrecht, reiki
De Studio Yoga, yoga, Bridge of Life studio, Utrecht

De Studio Yoga

The Studio Yoga stands for care, openness and positivity. To work in this way on a flexible and powerful body, on a greater awareness and balance in your life. Where there is room for a smile and a tear and where every lesson feels like coming home.

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