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21 days Osho Dynamic Meditation

As part of the exams for my meditation education I had to do the Osho dynamic meditation for 21 consecutive days. Missing a day meant starting all over again (which I luckily didn't need to do). Everyday we had to write down a little bit about our experience with the meditation and I thought it might be interesting to share that with you here.

The meditation consists of 5 phases. It is an active meditation though you are suppost to keep you eyes closed. Phase 1 is breathing in a chaotic way, using your entire body. This phase is 10 minutes. In phase 2, that also lasts for 10 minutes, you throw out everyting that is inside you, the catharsis. You go "grazy". Phase 3 is jumping with your arms up for 10 minutes. Every time you hit the ground you shout "HOO!" In phase 4, the only phase without music, you stand still with your arms up for 15 minutes. And then there is phase 5, 15 minutes of dancing. Clebrating life.

I had to do the meditation in silence during the 21 days at home however I have done it with sound during at school. I would say, if you are able to do it with making sound, and even better in a group setting, go for it. When you do this meditation with sound and in a group it is a totally different and more intensive experience. If you want to try this meditation for yourself you can find the instructions and the music here.

Day 1

So much resistance. Not just against the meditation (which is for sure something I feel resistance towards) but also against not being able to do it with sounds because of the people I share the house with and out neighbours. Especially during the second phase I got super frustrated. I got extremely nauseous during the standing in phase 4. Everyting in me was screaming to let my arms down and sit down, what I didn't do, even though I did notice pretty often that my arms weren't quite as high as I thought them to be. I have never been so happy that I had to dance. Letting the tension flow out of my body and also the nausea slowly subsided, even though it is not quite gone even now.

Day 2

The resistance is a little less intense, but still quite there. I already started to get super nauseous in the secod phase and it stayed like that for the remainder of the meditation. I really hate to stand with my arms up!

Day 3

Sooo nauseous, started in phase 1 and lasted untill phase 4. Only during the dancing it wasn't really there anymore. I really couldn't keep my arms up.

Day 4

No nausea! Maybe also because this time I dit it just before lunch instead of before breakfast. The resistance is much less and I am even starting to enjoy some of the phases. Though I still really don't like phase 3 and 4.

Day 5

Again no nausea, and again I did it just before lunch. I am pretty sure I hate phase 4. Everything else is strating to get better. Phase 5 feels like such a relief after phase 4.

Day 6

I couldn't keep still during phase 4 today. In the end I started moving and walking around. It alsmost turned into a walking meditation with my arms up. Not what you aim for but it did mean that I could actually keep my arms up. So it still felt like a small win. And it wasn't as bad to do like this. Probably both because of the distraction the walking gave me.

Day 7

My jaws hurt because I had to yawn so often. Besides that I really struggled to keep my eyes closed. I continuously caught myself having them open again.

Day 8

I am still not a fan of this meditation but I do like that every day, without exception I make sure to take that hour. Even though I would prefer to fill it with yoga and a sitting meditation.

Day 9

My concentration was nowhere to be found. I noticed continuously that I was opening my eyes and when in the last phase someone came barging into my room I was lost. I already couldn't get into the meditation and after that I was completely out of it.

Day 10

I was already cold and could barely get warm. In phase 3 and 4 I luckily started to get a little warmer thought during the last phase I got cold again. Besides that all went pretty smooth.

Day 11

Finally over halfway done! I am still not a fan of this meditation though most of the resistance is gone. Now it is just something I have to do.

Day 12

I really could not get into it today. Only in the second half of the meditation I could get into it every now and then though it never lasted for long.

Day 13

Today I could get into it alright, even though someone disturbed me again. I do notice a lot of irritation coming up whenever someone disturbes me. Why this meditation is said to be so transforming I still don't see.

Day 14

Some days this meditation seems to take so long... Today was a day like that. However I have done two weeks nor so there is only one week left to go.

Day 15

I notice there is a huge difference in how much energie I put into the movements. The earlier I do the meditation, the less energie I manage to put into it. The softer the movements are.

Day 16

I had the hiccups during the first 3 phases of the meditation. Super annoying, especially during the first phase. I couldn't (maybe because of it) get into it very well.

Day 17

My mind is coming up with all sorts of things, during the standing phase, just to not think about having to stand with my hands up. Counting seems to be favorite.

Day 18

I already had a headache when I started and it hasn't really gotten any better. I also feel so done with this meditation. Three more days to go.

Day 19

The more I do this meditation, the longer it seems to be. I couldn't get into it today at all and everything seemed so long.

Day 20

I had some difficulty keeping my attention with the meditation today. Besides that is was fine. But let's be honest, I am so happy tomorrow is the last day.

Day 21

Finally done. I couldn't keep my attention with it at all today. I am so glad that drom now on I will be able to just do my normal meditation and yoga again. I miss them.

All in all I still don't know how usefull this really was. It is funny to see how I cope with the resistence and to see what all of the tricks are that my mind plays on me just to not think about the meditation. Honestly though, I didn't learn much new things. I already knew the trics, the only difference is how often en much they come up now. Where with a normal meditation I will notice them every now and then, here it's pretty much every time. That said, I still don't see what makes this meditation so transformative.

That was it for today. Goodluck with the next steps on your bridge. I wish you all the happiness and an amazing day.

❤ Eva

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