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Koning van de Dans Houding | Lord of the Dance Pose

  • Chest opener

  • Shoulder stretch

  • Quadriceps stretch

  • Abdominal muscle stretch

  • Hip opener

  • Strengthens back, legs and ankles

  • Improves balance & concentration

  • Knee, hip, shoulder, back and neck injuries

  • From tadasana spread the toes and put the weight on the right leg.

  • Bend your left leg and grab hold of your knee.

  • Pull up your kneecap of the right leg and feel your thigh muscles tighten.

  • Keep your hips parallel to the floor and grab the left ankle with your left hand.

  • Bring the bent knee down so that it is in line with the straight knee.

  • Bring the sitting bones towards the back of the knees to make space in the lower back, you will now also feel the abdominal muscles tighten.

  • Bring the sternum up and forward as you straighten your bent knee and push the ankle into the palm.

  • Bend over slightly while raising your left foot.

  • Grab with your right hand in front of your chest the left foot.

  • Release your left hand and reach under your right arm.

  • Raise the palm of the left hand upwards and grasp your left foot on the side of the little toe.

  • Release the foot with the right hand and bring the chest back to the front of the mat.

  • Raise the left elbow

  • Reach the right hand up and then back to grasp the left foot.

  • Push the foot into the hands and up as you extend the sternum forward. Make sure your standing leg is straight and active.

  • Gaze is in front of you or slightly up.

  • Inhale: feel the chest expand

  • Exhale: let go

  • Release the foot and gently bring it to the mat next to your standing foot. Come back to tadasana and repeat on the other side or continue to uttanasana.

  • Dhanurasana | Bow pose

  • Ustrasana | Camel pose

  • Virabhadrasana III | Warrior III pose

  • Natarajasana with strap | Fasten the strap to your foot or ankle and hold with your hands

  • Natarajasana with wall | Lean against a wall with your shoulder to help with balance

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